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10 mm VT2 Round Metal Fashion Snap Buttons (100 Sets / 700 Sets)

10 mm VT2 Round Metal Fashion Snap Buttons (100 Sets / 700 Sets)

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Akagun Tuhafiye

This 10 mm VT2 round metal fashion snap button set is the perfect addition for customizing wallets, leather bracelets and other fashion accessories. It comes in packs of 100 and 700 sets, and five different colors, so you can choose the option that best suits you. The snap buttons are easy to assemble and made of high-quality iron (not rust-free) materials for added durability.

  • Each snap fastener set includes consists of 4 parts. Snap button top cap piece, stud, socket, and post. You can apply with a hand press or automatic driving machines.
  • These are equivalent to line 16 buttons. 10mm Diameter CAPPED (vt2) Fashion Spring Snap Fasteners / Buttons.
  • Fashion Spring Snaps use a spring socket and a post-attached stud. It has a gentle action and is suitable for lightweight fabrics. the spring is enclosed, which protects it from damage and allows it to maintain its’ snap action over the life of the garment.
  • Fashion Spring Snaps use a Split-Ring Socket. Our Spring Snaps come in a variety of colors and finishes. These snaps are used for a more visually appealing decorative touch. 
  • Snap fasteners are commonly used on clothing, jackets, shirts, body, knitwear dummy clips, bandana bibs, baby grows, keyrings, handcraft products etc.
  • These buttons are made from sheet metal and not rust-free.
  • Need the dies.  Please click here
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  • You can choose silver, gold, bronze, Coppertone or black.
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