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200 sets of White and Color Pearl Capped Prong Snap Button Set with Hand Press and Dies

200 sets of White and Color Pearl Capped Prong Snap Button Set with Hand Press and Dies

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Akagun Tuhafiye

  • Includes 200 Sets of Pearl Snaps with piece fixing tools (3-piece Dies Set,  manual hand press machine with 2 pieces tools)
  • Pearl Snap fastener kit: each fastener set includes 2 caps, a stud, and a socket the cap is approx. 9.5 mm in diameter ( total of 4 pieces).
    • One Box of Colored Pearl Cap Snaps: 5 Colors -, 20 each color, total of 100 sets (400 Pieces)
    • One of White Pearl Snaps: 100 sets ( 400 pieces)
  • The set is made of durable material and Snaps are rust-free brass material 
  • Please keep these products away from children
  • The thread size is 1/4" = 6.35mm. . Any doubt? Please contact us!

Hand Press

Hand Press is ideal for setting various types and sizes of rivets, grommets, and snap buttons using the appropriate dies. It is also ideal for cutting fabrics and covering buttons. The hand press has a reinforced frame and handle and can be bolted to a worktable or bench for added stability. This is low in cost and perfect for semi-professional usage. It is a must-have in any small shop. The machine is made out of sturdy materials and will last for years to come.

In this set, you will be receiving your choice of a navy, blue, pink, lilac, yellow, green, silver gray or red color hand press. 

The press in this set has a reinforced structure and a long lever. It is distinguished by high accuracy and a large working stroke. The long handle ensures smooth and easy operation of the press.

With this set, you will able to evenly apply snap buttons using less physical strength and will always have one of your hands-free to adapt the material in the press.

  • It is also possible to buy an extension to the press for the application of grommets, rivets,  various types of snap buttons, double-capped rivets, or punching holes.
  • This is a small and practical machine. It is about 3.2lbs an its height of it is about 14.2"
  • It may be used free-standing or mounted on a table/workbench. Easy to use/operate.
  • Suitable for applications on various materials. Vinyl, corrugated plastic, other plastics, fabric, poster board, and many other substrates. the press is suitable both for right and left-handed persons.
  • Embellish your bags, belts, wallets, jackets, and more with the material of your choice. The results will be stunning.

Snap Buttons 

In this set, you will be receiving pearl capped prong line snaps.  

This 200-piece Snap Button Set is great for adding a fashionable look to anything from a simple blouse to a long-sleeved dress. The durable white and color pearl-capped prong buttons and hand press & dies will provide a long-lasting, stylish addition to your closet.

Pearl Snap fasteners are fashionable with shirts especially Westerns and jean shirts. 

In our store, you may be able to purchase, baby snaps (open ring, capped and pearl capped), utility line snaps, and fashion spring snaps.  We carry various colors and sizes of snap buttons. 

With this press, you may apply any snaps with the right setter ( set of dies). 

Application Tools

Every set will include the necessary tools. In this set, all you need is a press and the 3 piece die set. 

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