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7 mm Double Capped Crystal Rivet dies

7 mm Double Capped Crystal Rivet dies

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Akagun Tuhafiye

7 mm double capped crystal rivet dies set for Hobby Trendy hand press.

This is a brand new 2 piece set of double capped rivet dies.

Simple to install and use with the hand press grommet machine Durable and perfect for your rivets. 

Works great with our hand press machine. The top piece is threaded. The thread size is 1/4" = 6.35mm. The bottom piece is a push-on ( non-threaded) Bottom ( tray piece) is 12mm. These dies it Hobby Trendy Hand Presses. If you have a different press, please check your press' measurements. Please make sure that this matches your hand press machine requirements. Any doubt? Please contact us!

In daily use, please keep the press and die sets dry and clean.

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