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Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement - Bead Stringing Glue

Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement - Bead Stringing Glue

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Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement is perfect for fine detail work!

It has a G-S precision applicator which is made to allow a precise amount of cement to be applied to intricate parts for neat and clean work. Caution: flammable mixture, sharp point, keep out of reach of children. Bead Stringing 1/3oz-

This glue's formulation is the result of extensive testing on bead stringing materials and has be found to be great for use on Silk, Nymo, Nylon, Elonga and other stringing materials. The non-clog cap keeps the tip always ready to use. Great for use with plastic, glass, metal, and ceramic beads.

Dries clear and will not damage the surface to which it is applied. Will not bond fingers.

Made in USA

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