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Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement - Crafts Glue

Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement - Crafts Glue

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Beadalon G-S Hypo Cement is perfect for fine detail work!

It has a G-S precision applicator which is made to allow a precise amount of cement to be applied to intricate parts for neat and clean work. Caution: flammable mixture, sharp point, keep out of reach of children. For Fine Detail Work 1/3oz- Neatly attach beads and pearls to Beadalon wires and cords with this easy to handle cement. The precision applicator allows neat placement of small quantities of glue inside beads. Works well for crafts, hobbies, model building, jewelry, fly fishing lures, fine screw locking and general repair. For plastic, glass, metal and ceramic. Not a cyanoacrylate, will not damage surfaces.

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