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Enamel Colored 9.5 mm Capped Prong Snaps

Enamel Colored 9.5 mm Capped Prong Snaps

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Enamel Colored 9.5mm Capped Prong Snaps are the perfect addition to any project. Their durable design and vibrant enamel colors bring a unique flair to your designs. Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, these snaps securely fasten your projects for long-lasting style.

  • Snap fasteners for both adult and baby & children's clothing, shirts, body, knitwear dummy clips, bandana bibs, baby grows, keyrings and western theme shirts 
  • Made of brass material, non-tarnished nickel plated.
  • One set consists of 4 parts.  One enamel Capped prong, one enamel open ring prong, a male and a female snap parts to attach to the prongs. You can apply it with hand press and dies or with other hand tools 
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