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Natural Beech Wood Round Quilt 16mm Embroidery Hoop

Natural Beech Wood Round Quilt 16mm Embroidery Hoop

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Akagun Tuhafiye

  • These hoops are just what you need for your needle arts, embroidery or fabric painting.
  • This round 16mm thick premium quality beechwood hoop has 7 different sizes.
  • A handy tool for a crafter, this loop has flexible loop adjustment settings, rounded edges and a smooth, sanded finish.
  • Made from beechwood, this hoop's solid wood block closure and plated screw maintains the tension, ensuring that your fabric stays firmly in place so it doesn't snag or loosen. This easy-to-use, lightweight hoop is a must-have for every stitcher for handmade creations.
  • 7 Sizes in diameters. 13cm, 16cm, 19cm, 22cm, 25cm, 28cm, 31cm.


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