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Stainless Steel 10mm (line 16) 4 Piece Fashion Snap Buttons

Stainless Steel 10mm (line 16) 4 Piece Fashion Snap Buttons

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These durable 10mm stainless steel spring snap buttons provide an ideal solution for secure decorative closures on a variety of garments. Perfect for performance apparel and outerwear, as well as leather products, each button features a classic metal finish and is designed to withstand heavy-duty use.

  • Each snap fastener set consists of 4 parts' snap button top cap piece, stud, socket, and post. You can apply it with a hand press or automatic driving machines.
  • These are equivalent to line 16 buttons. ln16(16L) - 12.5mm cap fashion spring snap buttons
  • Available in 3 different package sizes. 20 sets, 50 sets, and 100 Sets. Each set is 4 pieces.
  • Available in silver tone
  1. 20 Sets=80 pieces - (20 Caps, 20 Sockets, 20Posts, 20 Studs)
  2. 50 Sets= 100 pieces (50 Caps, 50 Sockets, 50Posts, 50Studs) 
  3. 100 Sets= 400 Pieces (100 Caps, 100 Sockets, 100 Posts, 100Studs)
  • Great for your leathercrafts, clothsmaking and many other projects.
  • Stainless steel durable, rust-free. Washable and long lasting snap buttons.
  • These snaps are used for a more visually appealing decorative touch. 
  • Snap fasteners are commonly used on clothing, jackets, shirts, body, knitwear dummy clips, bandana bibs, baby grows, keyrings, hand craft products etc.
  • Need the dies.  Please click here
  • Need the press.  Please click here
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